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At the dawn of the new millennium, it was apparent that the astronomical growth in demand for courier services and increasing number of operators posed imminent dangers. Consequently, the Courier Regulatory Department was set up in 2002 as a Government response to Private sector demand for industry regulation.

FUNCTIONS: To implement the provisions of the Courier Regulatory Guidelines as derived from the Nigerian Postal Service Act 41 of 1992.

This involves:
- Handling matters relating to Issuing and Renewal of operating licence.
- Monitoring and Enforcement of standards.
- Creating an enabling and sustainable environment for Courier Service Business in Nigeria by liaising with various stakeholders in the industry.
- Capacity Building

VISION: To trailblaze a unique dimension of Courier Service Regulation that will provide leadership for Africa and command ovation globally.

MISSION: To make Nigeria a viable player in the global economy by providing sustainable regulatory conditions that will ensure a continuous modernization of the operators and a surpassing of their service compact with customers everywhere.